Being a Black entrepreneur is not celebrated enough. I am sure that we all believe that that is a factual statement. There is a stigma in the African American community at times that we must secure nine-to-five jobs and have incomes that can sustain for years to come and an employer driven retirement plan. This is just something that at times truly infiltrates our communities in America, and entrepreneurship can then be looked at as too much of a risk and in some cases foolish.

This music video highlights the importance of Black entrepreneurs and how they are continually changing the narrative and creating positive change with their investment in themselves. This video not only highlights success stories, but also showcases individuals who took an opportunity to utilize their talent to better the Black community. Here are just a few reasons you should check it out and share with others:

1 – Its Empowering to See Others Thrive:

It is especially important as a people to see others within your diaspora success. Success becomes a norm when we all buy into the different types of paths that create success. Seeing others take risks and become better for it and better their people with their self-investment is very empowering. When a young person can see themselves in someone else, they then can see possibility. This is true for people of all ages. Seeing other entrepreneurs prosper is a form of confirmation for those striving to become their “own boss” or to make an impact through what is seen as an unconventional means.

2 – The Time is Now:

If there was ever a time to invest in US, the time is now. This video and many others are perfectly time to continue the conversation of Black wealth and investment. We must take the time to celebrate our people and their risks to allow us all to elevate. The inherent risk of simply being black is enough, so we must continue to show love to those who are doing it in a way that is not only un-apologetically, but also that is seen as unconventional. We are celebrating entrepreneurs and business owners each day here at My Black Biz, and we know that this video is doing it and reaching far more than we are at this time.

BBC Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z: Aberdeenshire farmers in Entrepreneur video – BBC News

3 – Supporting Each Other is Dope

Just supporting each other is an amazing thing. We must continue to try our hand at nepotism for a change and to award our own who take the entrepreneurial journey to better our narrative. The wealth gap is still growing of has not truly changed, it is dope to see us not only celebrating us, but also investing in us through social capital and the ability to leverage our own megaphone or voice like Pharrell and Jay-Z have here.

We’ve recently talked about how important Black Out Day was to us seeing our impact and the ability to invest in US. Using platforms like this are becoming even more important as athletes, rappers, singers, actresses and more continue to move the conversation forward by challenging the status quo and investing and showcasing Black people in a positive light.

4 – Their Story is Our Story: Entrepreneurs

The stories of these entrepreneurs highlighted in this video are just like yours or those that are listed in this website and on the directories listed.

Entrepreneur showcased in the “Entrepreneur” music video

This is not some fairy-tale created story about entrepreneurs, hustlers or some general music video that is scripted. These are real people who have done what they needed to do to become successful in a world where the odds are stacked up against them. The video highlights people from all over the world that have not only created streams of income but have done so in a way where they highlight their culture and their talent that is being Black.

This video is awesome, make sure to check it out as we support entrepreneurs all over the world with the artists who created this video and musical selection.

Jay-z and Pharrell performing.