These are some frequently asked questions about our platform. This page will be updated as additional questions from users and business owners arise. Thank you for being a user of our website and we look forward to continually building a great black business community online.

How are listings verified as Black owned?

  • We work with a network of business owners, community leaders and developers to confirm that each listing is authentic. We require key questions be answered upon submission as well as call upon those answers to verify each listing.
  • Email addresses, phone numbers, google maps locations, personal profiles of owners and more will be used as tools to verify the ownership of a listing.

Will I ever have to pay for my listing or will there be premium or preferred listings?

  • No. You will never have to pay for your listings, capabilities within the site or more. All listings are premium and you will have the ability to upload images, videos and more.

Will our information be used for advertising or any other use outside of this website?

  • No, none of your information will be stored off of this site. We may utilize your information in the future to alert you of changes to the website or events in your area related to the site and black owned businesses.
  • You will be sent emails when within the website about new posts, your listing and more. All emails or correspondence will be for the betterment of the black business ecosystem.

How long does it take for my listing to be verified?

  • Listings will be verified within 7 days. If there is an influx of users registering, this could prolong the verification period. Please contact the site for assistance if your verification takes longer than 30 days.
  • You may not be verified. If this happens due to a lack of information or a misunderstanding with the site, please contact us after 15 days of your listing attempt.

How can I contact the website for support?

Who built this site?

  • Black owned businesses came together to build this site. Reality Marketing Group, LLC (FL) and Complete Strategic Solutions, LLC (FL) teamed to work through all of the development of this community based website.

How does the website or platform get funding?

  • We aim to receive funding through strategic partnerships with organizations or companies that have helping black owned businesses as a priority. Through their donations and more, we will continue to fuel this platform and help black business owners and those seeking to use black owned businesses.