Building a Black Business Network

We are connecting with businesses, directories, resources and more to truly build the ultimate absolutely FREE source to help black owned businesses across America.

How and Why we started:

A group of business owners, entrepreneurs and black people who were simply looking to make it easier for US to support US. In troubling times in our country, we saw a need for an easy way for black businesses and those searching for them to find them on the map; quite literally. Our team saw a need for a very simple way to connect with businesses, and for black owned businesses to receive free exposure within a network that is simple to join. We are not the first to do this, though when you Google black businesses, we want there to be an infinite amount of ways to connect directly with black business owners, entrepreneurs, franchisees, service providers and more. We wanted to provide a free resource with no advertising, no additional add-ons, no buy-ins or additional ways to deter all black owned businesses to be a part. Our hope is to create a platform where all black businesses can be found, connected with and invested in quite easily. Whether you are going to a town, or already there, we hope that you can find a black business to support if you so choose.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, we want to provide resources that allow you to find what you are looking for. We will have detailed lists of African American banks, funding sources, business organizations and even other websites and local directories. This is not a competition, it is a mission to help black businesses succeed long term. We hope to build a Black Biz Network that connects all of the sites like us and directories to improve the experience of engaging with black owned businesses. 


Build the largest directory and set of directories of black businesses to promote black business made & curated by black people. This directory will exist solely to promote black business & their growth.


Create a one-stop-shop for black business owners and those looking to support them.

Qualifications of listings:

The business must be black owned. Verification will be done (for now) by providing contact information and an official bio link or LinkedIn page that confirms identity. No other qualifications exist, and there are no plans of verification aside from being African American and owning a business.