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  • For your featured image. We suggest your image be 1920w x 1080h in 72dpi for the best listing aesthetic. If you need to adjust your image in a program like Adobe Photoshop or Canva, we certainly would advise leveraging them prior to making your listing. The image above is an example of the perfect size and ratio for our listings. Please click to download and use it as a template.

Additional Images:

  • Additional images must be less than 1mb in upload size. We suggest high resolution images of your venue or business, including images of you or your team providing services. Any images that do not align with your services or that do not align with our user agreement will be removed.


  • Please provide accurate and up to date links for your submission. Users will follow those links from our site to yours or your list of services. This will be a direct reflection of your business, as we hope to showcase your business in the best way.


  • Our website will help you find your exact location. Addresses that do not get found in our system will not register in our map. Please make sure to provide a detailed address as we leverage google maps to find your business and provide directions for our users.

Additional Information:

Leverage the description area to let our users know about your history, services and all information that may contribute to them supporting your business. This is an area where you can list your core competencies as well as differentiation as a business. Our site will also be found in search engines, so make sure to use correct and detailed wording for your listing so that it may appear in our search as well as some of the larger platforms. Use descriptive words, key words, and relatable words for your industry as we want your listing to be found!


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